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Western Australia Tour Part 2 - Esperance, Albany and Denmark

Nicholas Atkin - Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The first leg of the Western Australian tour was along the southern coast.  Esperance being the first port of call and then heading west along the coast through Albany on to Denmark.


Esperance is the picture postcard place for white sandy beaches and the crystal clear aqua waters of the Indian Ocean.  The coastline of this area is full of hidden coves and beaches and seclusion is almost guaranteed if you are willing to drive off the beaten tourist track.


The coastline is also filled with sand dunes and huge white bluffs of fine powdery sand.  These have become the playground for 4WD enthusiasts along with a myriad of other off road recreational vehicles. 


 Esperance Sand Dunes, WA

                                  Esperance Sand Dunes


One of the highlights of the trip was a sunset on the third day.  After a long day of shooting, we headed back into town hoping to have some good light for a sunset over the Esperance tanker jetty.  When we returned to town, the sky was dark and covered in dense storm clouds.  Not to be perturbed I hunkered down on the jetty and waited, hoping for a glimpse of the setting sun.  The sun gods must have been watching, as only moments before the sun was to dip below the horizon, the clouds parted slightly and the suns rays were allowed to dance through the clouds and paint the scene with amazing colour.  This shot below was the result.



  Tanker Jetty, Esperance

                                   Esperance Pier, WA


From Esperance we headed west along the coast to the towns of Albany and Denmark.  This area also boasts claim to some incredible white sandy beaches and hidden coves.



                                 Two Peoples Bay, Western Australia


Albany also lays claim to a magnificent wind farm.  The turbines are perched along a coastal ridge line overlooking the Indian Ocean.  I am a huge fan of sustainable energy, and if all energy could be produced from such beautiful machines, I would be all in favour of this monolithic type of landscape. 



Blue Haven Sunrise, Esperance

                                 Wind Farm, Albany


Grand Theatre, Beijing wins Silver award at APPAs

Nicholas Atkin - Sunday, June 19, 2011

We have just heard that our monochromatic shot of the "Grand Theatre, Beijing" has been awarded with a Silver Award at the APPAs "Australian Professional Photographers Awards". 


 Grand Theatre, Beijing

                                  Grand Theatre, Beijing

I am very happy that this specific image has received this recognition.  The clean lines and juxtaposition between the contemporary "Grand Theatre" and the Communist utilitarian government buildings in the distance has always been a wonder for me personally.  Its good to see the judges appreciated the same elements.

Travel Category Silver Award at the VYYPs

Nicholas Atkin - Friday, April 29, 2011

Last week was the Victorian chapter of the AIPP's awards week, the VPPYs. With very little time to spare, I was able to submit some photographs into the competition.  

Choice was the challenge as there were so many to choose.  Angie came to the my aid and helped decide on the image that won us an award.

The images entered scored very well, and Night Worker was awarded a Silver Award in the Travel category.


Night Worker

                                 West Thumb Geyser, Yellowstone NP