Nicholas Atkin Fine Art Photography

Wanderings Through Oregon

Nicholas Atkin - Sunday, September 26, 2010

After spending a couple of days in the Palouse farming area of Washington State, we headed towards the Oregon coast in the North West corner of the USA. 

The Oregon coast line is rugged and filled with incredible rock formations and due to its climate the cool offshore breeze pushes fog banks onshore giving the area an enchanting feel, it isn't surprising that so many movies are filmed in this area.

Most recently the area has played host to the vampires of Twilight fame with the lush green forests that cover the whole state.

We spend a week exploring the forests and coast of the state.  Oregon also boasts more waterfalls than I have encountered anywhere else on my travels, it seems that you cannot drive more than a few miles before you see a sign for one set of falls or another.   Living in Australia, this is also a novelty as we only get the best out of our waterfalls during certain times of year, this certainly isn't the case in Oregon, they run with a great flow all year round.

The falls are very lush and play host to incredible carpets of green of green moss that surround them.  The highlights of the trip for me were the Columbia River Gorge and Proxy Falls areas.

We will be heading back to this area as soon as we get a chance, hopefully during the spring time to catch the winter run off.