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Western Australia Tour Part 4 - Perth to Carnarvon

Nicholas Atkin - Thursday, August 04, 2011

The drive north from Margaret River allowed an escape form the storm.  North of Perth the winds died down a little and as we followed the coastal road to the north the clouds started to part and the sun once more illuminated the landscape.


Surprising to me was that as we headed north of Perth, I was sure that we would soon hit the desert once more only to find that the farmlands of Western Australia reached north of Perth for hundreds of kilometers.  Interspersed with the farmland and the coast arid patches of sand appeared as though fighting the force of the agriculture and wondrous sites such as "The Pinnacles" national park out of nowhere.


                              The Pinnacles, WA



In Carnarvon, the ocean was the fascination.  Late in the afternoon, whilst scouting for a sunset shot, I found my way out to the ocean beach.  The wind had dies down and the tide was on the turn.  The unusual part of the scene for me was that the ocean was brown.  Not a dirty brown, but instead a pure mineral brown.  Later in the evening as the sun was setting, I was fortunate enough to find a clear sky, the colours of which complimented the ocean.  The image below shows the abstract brown beauty of a Carnarvon sunset.


 Colors of Carnarvon

                              Carnarvon Sunset, WA


Western Australia Tour Part 1 - The Nullarbor

Nicholas Atkin - Saturday, July 23, 2011

As most Australians, we have been looking to drive the Nullarbor for quite some time.  For those of you unfamiliar, the Nullarbor is a road that travels the length of the Great Australian Bight and is the only road available when driving to Western Australia from the East Coast of Australia.


The drive across to WA took 3 days to complete. For the most part, the drive is long, straight and has very little to keep the eye occupied. For photographers this can get a little frustrating especially when you are on a photo shoot.  Never the less we completed the journey and managed to capture a few nice shots along the way.


Ceduna Sunset, SA

                                 Ceduna Pier, South Australia


Once we reached WA we headed south to the coast, specifically to Esperance.  After 3 long days of driving, primarily through desert and arid flatland's, the sight of Esperance, the sudden revival of grasslands, pastures and trees flooded the senses and so began our time in the photographic nirvana of Western Australia.