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New Toy - Sony NEX5

Nicholas Atkin - Thursday, September 23, 2010

During our interlude in Spokane we ventured out in search of a camera store.  We were looking to replace couple of lens caps that we had misplaced in a canyon somewhere in the Montana region.

We were successful in our acquisitions, and walked out with a heck of a lot more than just the lens caps.

My pocket camera for the last couple of years has been a Panasonic DMC-LX3.  It has produced great images for a point and shoot, and the wide angle lens is invaluable for scouting for the panoramic work.

After talking to the salesman in the store and discussing our panoramic work, he introduced me to a little camera that he thought might interest me, the Sony NEX 5.  Once he had demonstrated the in camera panoramic stitching and given us a play, Angie made the decision to take it.  15 minutes later we walked from the shop with the camera, the 18-55mm and the wide angle pancake 16mm lenses.

The sensor in this little beauty is the same sensor as the Nikon D300 although it boasts a slightly higher pixel count at 14.2.  I won't go into a full blown review as I am sure there are a multitude out there already but I will say, the images that this camera creates are great.  I don't think its going to replace any of my Pro gear, but its great for pulling shots out when you need something very lightweight and portable.

While we were at Proxy Falls in Oregon, Angie snapped this image while I was shooting with the Fuji's.