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Nicholas AtkinNicholas Atkin


Nicholas Atkin is an international landscape photographer who travels the world in search of the most poignant and magical images to commit to film.

The click of the shutter’s reflex first entranced Nicholas on traveling to Africa as a young boy, venturing through the Safari Parks and canyons of South Africa, where the eyes of a small town boy from England were opened to a world he previously could only have dreamed of. He speaks of this time as pivotal in shaping his future as a highly skilled photographer:

I remember sitting on the edge of the Blyde River Canyon staring in awe. The grownups had amazing expensive cameras and movie cameras.  I was hooked and I just wanted to hold them all the time and stare through the viewfinders so I could remember being there forever."

Anyone viewing Nicholas’ artwork today can plainly see that he indeed captures images that will last forever. The timeless beauty of a variety of scenes, from the world’s most beautiful cities at night, to the most spectacular and beguiling images of the natural world at its most beautiful, Nicholas presents each scene with a warmth and beauty rarely conveyed through the medium of photography.

After the photography bug took hold, following his trip to Africa as a boy, Nicholas honed his skills and developed his technical knowledge for years, eventually beginning his professional career working for The Independent newspaper in London. Here he had the opportunity to learn from many award winning photographers and was inspired, by their feats, to continually better himself. This took him to venues and experiences with a range of differing requirements, from the ballet to the large sporting stadiums of London, but his real love was landscapes. Showing the true beauty of the natural and man made world in its finest form.

It was not until Nicholas migrated to Australia in the year 2000 that he was able to finally indulge his penchant for landscape photography. He has since continued to travel the world in search of the most beautiful images for his collection. Finding the right moment when all the elements work together to create the perfect image and capture that instant in time is what drives his photography. Through his eyes and experiences he is able to share the world and allow others to see it in a different light. The result is the magnificent collection of images he now offers to the world via his website; a collection truly remarkable in its beauty, imagery and majesty.

Nicholas describes his experiences as truly inspiring. His passion for his work evident in his description of those awe inspiring moments that produce the unforgettable images the world is now privy to through his website.  Nicholas' website now offers the world the opportunity to share in these amazing experiences through his collection of images.  Each image has been carefully chosen as a fine example of the panoramic landscape and a true work of art.