Over the years Nicholas has worked with all manner of photographic format, from 35mm to large format work, both in color and black and white.  He also works with digital cameras, but his heart still lies with color film.

Nicholas’ primary focus and greatest passion is panoramic landscape photography.  Even with the advancements in digital technology today, he still chooses to work with Fuji Velvia transparency film as his primary medium.

I love the feel and texture of film, it has virtually unsurpassed resolution and rich saturated colors.  Using film allows me to take more time, having to manually control all aspects of the image from focusing to metering the light. It could be weeks before I finally have the raw negatives on my light box and see the end result. The excitement of not quite knowing what I have captured while on location and seeing the transparencies come to life is truly exhilarating.

Nicholas has spent hundreds of hours bringing this collection to life, such that only the finest images are offered.

To this day, his biggest thrill is getting up in the very early hours of the morning to be on location, ready and waiting for the sun to start painting the sky, searching for that perfect image.

Whether I am climbing a mountain or hiking to a remote location before the first traces of dawn appear on the horizon, I feel the exhilaration of being able to be experiencing this vision at this moment in time, knowing that the sun will paint a picture on the landscape especially for me and my camera. Those are the images that I want to share with everyone to let them know how truly wondrous nature can be.

The passion which Nicholas displays for his work drives him to use the best possible medium, to allow the finest detail to be captured and preserved in a way that can inspire an incredible range of emotions in those lucky enough to view his work. No longer a secret his collection provides the world with an opportunity to experience the unbridled beauty of our landscape as seen through his eyes; a result of the true passion and technical precision which embodies all of his images. 


Nicholas Atkin currently uses 2 Fuji GX617 cameras to capture his landscape images. His cameras come complete with the following 4 lenses, 90mm, 105mm, 180mm and 300mm. He uses Fuji Professional-quality Velvia film which is especially suited to landscape and nature photography. The Fuji Velvia is renown for its vivid colour saturation and extreme sharpness.

His cameras shoot medium format slide film and are fully manual in operation. Nicholas uses traditional metering methods to calculate the correct exposures and natural density Lee filters to allow for an even exposure to be taken in challenging lighting conditions.

Other items in Nicholas’ arsenal are Gitzo carbon fibre tripods that produce unrivaled stability and Kata backpacks and cases for transporting equipment on location. He uses medium and large format film cameras and Nikon digital cameras.